February 2017 Calendar

Wow! Almost a month has passed in this new year. Time definitely flies.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement. It means a lot.

A new month means a new calendar. So go ahead, download, and use it they way you want. And like the previous ones, below are the links to different versions of the calendar.

  1. Lighter version of the calendar (1920 x 1200 | 462KB): download
  2. Full resolution calendar (3675 x 2297 | 4.17MB): download
  3. Full resolution image without calendar (3675 x 2297 | 4.10MB): download

Hope you enjoy it. More later

An evening with Moonlight Broadcast

One of my favourite people to collaborate are musicians. I used to work with bands earlier. Then I moved to Australia 4 years back and took a break from the commercial side of my photography to settle down in the new phase of life. Now that I am slowly settling down and have a stable home base, I have decided to get back into it. And not surprisingly, one of my first collaboration was with musicians.  I met Ashley, a terrific drummer and overall a genuine guy during one such collaboration.

A few weeks back he asked me if I wanted to collaborate with Moonlight Broadcast, an indie rock band based in Melbourne. The idea was to shoot a few images which they can use for their promotions.  Continue reading “An evening with Moonlight Broadcast”

Sunday fun-day at Sudirman, Jakarta

If you ever been to Jakarta in Indonesia or have spoken to any person who has been there, you will definitely know or heard about the infamous traffic in the city. I loved the way the taxi drivers look at you and say “Macet” and all you can do is to sit and wait.

Except on Sundays if you are in Jl.Sudirman. Every Sunday between 6-11a.m., Jl.Sudirman and Jl.Thamrin is closed to both private and public vehicles (except TransJakarta buses). Originally started a government initiative to help reduce pollution, it is now a well known Jakarta tradition. Some lovingly call it Sunday Funday. Continue reading “Sunday fun-day at Sudirman, Jakarta”

GYM No.1 – Remember to have fun

When we were a child, we all had passion. A few of us were passionate about singing, a few about drawing, and a few about dancing. A few would stand for hours in front of the mirror, mimicking their favourite actors and a few would try their favourite WWF move on the unsuspecting pillow. Then life took over, and we all went our way. A few chose to continue to explore their passion, a few found a new set of passion and the rest, buried them somewhere deep and chose the path of least resistance.

As time passed, those buried passions started to speak again. First, a whisper, then a voice and then a cacophony. And one day it grew so loud, that a few of us decided to listen to them and a fewer decided to act.

And this time we took action with more intent. We were in a rush to catch up with the lost time. We knew what was required to get it done. We got ourselves the tools, read the best of books, searched the internet for all the information, and practised for hours. We spend money, time and effort. And suddenly one day we felt strange. Something didn’t feel right. We were confused as we were not enjoying what was suppose to be our passion as much as we thought we would. A few of us felt stupid for listening to that whisper, and the rest were left dumbfounded. Slowly, the tools started gathering dust, the books were donated to the library, and all the bookmarks were deleted. And then life took over, and we all went our way.

Does it sound familiar? Then welcome to the gang. Continue reading “GYM No.1 – Remember to have fun”

Meeting Reza a.k.a SundayStroller

Reza a.k.a SundayStroller

In October last year, I was in Jakarta Indonesia for a little over two weeks. I knew I will have some time to shoot over the weekends, and thought it will be great if I can meet a fellow photographer there.

I have been following Reza on Instagram for some time. I love his images and his style of shooting on the streets. Before I left Melbourne, I messaged him on Instagram asking if he wants to catch-up for a photo walk. And he agreed. Continue reading “Meeting Reza a.k.a SundayStroller”