Meet a photographer – Greg Cromie, Melbourne, Australia

All images by Greg Cromie. Used with permission.

Meet A Photographer is a series in which I try to learn more about photographers, whose work has made a positive impact on me.

Greg is a photographer and visual storyteller from Melbourne, Australia. I met him through Fujifilm X Australia Photographers Facebook group. He is a born Melburnian and considers himself lucky to be one. And I feel that emotion reflects in his images. 

To me, his images celebrate the simple and graceful moments that occur in our city. I won’t described his images as ‘street’ photography but more as his artistic, and candid homage to his fellow city mates.

Let me stop here and hear from the man himself.  Continue reading “Meet a photographer – Greg Cromie, Melbourne, Australia”

How I use my Fujifilm X70 for street photography

Recently, I was featured by ThePhoblographer website in their Inspiration series. Needless to say, I am stoked, honoured and humbled. Don’t worry this post is not about that, but about a few questions, I was asked by readers after looking at my images. The most common one was what is my technique/approach when I use my Fujifilm X70 given that it has an 18mm (28mm equivalent) fixed focal length lens.

It is not the first time I have been asked this. And I always found it a very tough one to answer. Primarily because in my experience, there are three factors why people ask this. And since, forums and groups are not the best platforms to discuss things in details, I thought I will write a post about it. Continue reading “How I use my Fujifilm X70 for street photography”

Best laid plans sometimes require a change in direction

When I started this blog sometime last year, it was an experiment. I just wanted to start and see how it goes.

Then about a month back, I thought I should put some structure to the blog and made some plans. A schedule, a basic structure, and also wrote a few post for future. But one thing I forgot that sometimes even the best-laid plans go south.

The thing is when I started to focus on my photography, I knew where I wanted to take it. And I had made some plans, and things were heading towards it. But as with life, sometimes the unexpected happens, and you need to adjust. And that exactly what happened with me. Continue reading “Best laid plans sometimes require a change in direction”