Family albums – in search of photographic innocence

Family albums! That book of plastic sleeves with photos I dreaded because between those sleeves were images which I never wanted anyone to see. Why will I want anyone to know that I was shit scared and howling on my first horse ride somewhere in Darjeeling? And that smile on my Dad’s face. The stuff childhood nightmares are made of.

That family treasure with red wine coloured leather cover and a hideous golden cursive letter stating the obvious. Family album. Continue reading “Family albums – in search of photographic innocence”

Meet a photographer – Reza (a.k.a SundayStroller), Jakarta, Indonesia

All images by Reza. Used with permission.

Meet A Photographer is a series in which I try to learn more about photographers, whose work has made a positive impact on me.

I have talked about Reza a.k.a SundayStroller in one of my earlier post. To recap we have been following each other on Instagram and when I went to Jakarta last year, we caught up. And glad I did.   Roger is a photographer in Melbourne, whose passion is to document street art. Melbourne is known for its street art. And the

There is no doubt that I am a big admirer of Reza’s work. His work has that humane quality which is often missing from today’s Instagram-driven pretty images. His image often feels like his search for his own connection with his own city. It is like he walks the street not to take images but to search for answers. 

This is Reza, a wonderful friend and a terrific street shooter from Jakarta, Indonesia. Continue reading “Meet a photographer – Reza (a.k.a SundayStroller), Jakarta, Indonesia”