Fujifilm X70 or X100T – which camera for street photography

A few days back, I was talking to a fellow photographer who was looking to get a compact body to shoot on the streets. He was considering an X100T or a more compact body like Fujifilm’s X70 or Ricoh’s GRII. And since I use both the cameras from Fujifilm and also shoot on the streets, he asked me about my experience and preference.

With the launch of X100F, the price of X100T is coming down to a range where getting a used X100T won’t require a significant more investment than an X70.  And many are asking the same question. So, I thought I will write my experience with these two cameras. Both the cameras are old in terms of camera years and have been reviewed and compared by far more knowledgeable people. So instead of looking at the features, underlying technology (not much difference anyway), ergonomics and on location experience, I want to focus on how these cameras require a completely different approach. A critical yet often underrated factor. Continue reading “Fujifilm X70 or X100T – which camera for street photography”

What’s in my bag


Can there be a photography blog without “what’s in my bag” post?

I don’t think so. We photographers lust for gears. The newer, shinier the better. And if you are a camera nerd, then make it older and obscure the better. If anyone says otherwise, they are either lying or simply attained nirvana.

So let’s get it done.

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