GYM No.1 – Remember to have fun

When we were a child, we all had passion. A few of us were passionate about singing, a few about drawing, and a few about dancing. A few would stand for hours in front of the mirror, mimicking their favourite actors and a few would try their favourite WWF move on the unsuspecting pillow. Then life took over, and we all went our way. A few chose to continue to explore their passion, a few found a new set of passion and the rest, buried them somewhere deep and chose the path of least resistance.

As time passed, those buried passions started to speak again. First, a whisper, then a voice and then a cacophony. And one day it grew so loud, that a few of us decided to listen to them and a fewer decided to act.

And this time we took action with more intent. We were in a rush to catch up with the lost time. We knew what was required to get it done. We got ourselves the tools, read the best of books, searched the internet for all the information, and practised for hours. We spend money, time and effort. And suddenly one day we felt strange. Something didn’t feel right. We were confused as we were not enjoying what was suppose to be our passion as much as we thought we would. A few of us felt stupid for listening to that whisper, and the rest were left dumbfounded. Slowly, the tools started gathering dust, the books were donated to the library, and all the bookmarks were deleted. And then life took over, and we all went our way.

Does it sound familiar? Then welcome to the gang. Continue reading “GYM No.1 – Remember to have fun”