Photography in the age of AI

24th September 2050, Phuket, Thailand

Agent-46, a humanesque AI photographer is on assignment to take a photograph of a jetty in Phuket, Thailand. The brief is simple. The most amazing photograph of a tropical sunset with a target of 10 million likes in the leading social media site. 10 million likes on one photograph should be an easy assignment. The agent has analysed all photographs during golden hours available in its agency’s database and already knows the data required.

It walks out of its storage and goes to the beach. Checks time. Still 15mins. It knows the exact time when the quality of light will be optimal for the image that guarantees 10million likes. It glances across the scene, its brain working to get the right Fibonacci grid. It takes around 2 secs to lock the scene. And when the exact time comes, it takes the image and goes back to its storage. On its way back, it processes the image and uploads it to the right cloud network. All in a day’s work of an AI powered professional photographer.

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Family albums – in search of photographic innocence

Family albums! That book of plastic sleeves with photos I dreaded because between those sleeves were images which I never wanted anyone to see. Why will I want anyone to know that I was shit scared and howling on my first horse ride somewhere in Darjeeling? And that smile on my Dad’s face. The stuff childhood nightmares are made of.

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The difference between aspiration and inspiration

A few days back I read an article on how to get inspirations from Instagram. This reminded me of a discussion on a similar topic I had with a fellow photographer on the problem of seeking ‘inspiration’ from social media and other photographers in general.

It is very common for photographers to look at others work and feel the urge to take similar images. There is nothing wrong in doing that, but we often misjudge that feeling as a source of inspiration. Personally, I think it is aspiration and not inspiration. Now, many of you may feel that I am getting into semantics and over complicating things here. But hear me out and why I think it is essential for us to understand the difference.

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First post


Do we really need another blog on photography?

I won’t be surprised if you think this way. Actually, I asked myself the same when I was thinking of starting this blog. Isn’t there already an overload?

The answer is a definite yes. There are lots of information on photography on the internet. And some written and shared by much more talented photographers and with greater knowledge of many aspects of photography.  

So why start another blog?

Honestly, I don’t know. But almost 10 years back, I was equally clueless when I bought my first DSLR. I bought it because I thought it was a good idea. And well, peer pressure. You know, almost every person I knew had one. Thankfully it definitely turned out to be a good one. The idea of starting a blog is pretty similar. I think it is a good idea and well, peer pressure.

Hopefully, this will also turn out to be like that.

Godspeed to me.