Sunday fun-day at Sudirman, Jakarta

If you ever been to Jakarta in Indonesia or have spoken to any person who has been there, you will definitely know or heard about the infamous traffic in the city. I loved the way the taxi drivers look at you and say “Macet” and all you can do is to sit and wait.

Except on Sundays if you are in Jl.Sudirman. Every Sunday between 6-11a.m., Jl.Sudirman and Jl.Thamrin is closed to both private and public vehicles (except TransJakarta buses). Originally started a government initiative to help reduce pollution, it is now a well known Jakarta tradition. Some lovingly call it Sunday Funday. Continue reading “Sunday fun-day at Sudirman, Jakarta”

Meeting Reza a.k.a SundayStroller

Reza a.k.a SundayStroller

In October last year, I was in Jakarta Indonesia for a little over two weeks. I knew I will have some time to shoot over the weekends, and thought it will be great if I can meet a fellow photographer there.

I have been following Reza on Instagram for some time. I love his images and his style of shooting on the streets. Before I left Melbourne, I messaged him on Instagram asking if he wants to catch-up for a photo walk. And he agreed. Continue reading “Meeting Reza a.k.a SundayStroller”