Worlwide Photowalk 2018 – Melbourne CBD

What is it

For the past 11 years, on the first Saturday of October each year, photographers and enthusiasts around the world get out their cameras and meetup to support The Spring of Hope Kenya Orphanage, an organisation that feeds, houses, educates, and empowers young orphans so that they can grow up to not just survive but succeed.

My association

I am associated with this particular photo-walk since 2011. A few hours spent doing photography, contributing to a cause and meeting new people, there was no reason for me not to participate.

This Year

This year I am leading the Melbourne CBD walk. I had done it before in Sydney and was a participant in last years walks which was led by good friend Alan Rogers, a terrific wedding photographer himself. Also this year we may have Joe Jongue, a Fujfilm influencer and co-founder of FujiXAus, the community to be in if you are a Fujifilm user in Australia, Roger Hyland (the human encyclopedia of everything street art, especially in Melbourne), Natalia Naa the upcoming photographer extraordinaire and many more.  So it will be a great day for networking, making images and talking shop.

How you can participate

So, if you are in Melbourne and think you want to be part of this fun day with a cause, head over to this link and register yourself.

If you are not in Melbourne, Australia but still interested, then head over to this link to find a walk near you.

More later. TC

First Post

In 1990’s India, “Jhankar Beats” was a phenomenon. It was a curious little practice of adding rhythm tracks to famous Hindi OSTs, a method which sits somewhere between an honest cover and a wannabe remix. And one could buy these cheaply produced mix-tapes of “songs with jhankar beats” easily from any roadside traders.

Many especially the then neo-liberal Indian middle class and intellectual elites didn’t like it. For them, it was a tasteless and overtly commercial, almost desperate move. An insult to the masters who created the original.

But for the savvy commercial entrepreneur and the talented and hard-working artist, it was a hope. Hope to break free from the monopoly of established companies and already famous artists. It was there turn to seize the day.

Many tried, most failed, and a few made history.

In 2018’s photography world, social media is a phenomenon…

More, later. Take Care.