Updates – Ongoing Exhibitions and a few Interviews

So it is the update time.

Past few weeks has been hectic yet rewarding. A few things happened:

1. First is definitely the big and successful opening night of SITHOM exhibition. This is the annual photography festival organised by AASPI (Australian Association of Street Photography Incorporated). The primary theme is to celebrate the art of street photography. Though this is not my first exhibition, but definitely the most hands-on I have ever been with any. It was a great learning curve.

2. I was also fortunate to be featured by two blogs. The Phoblographer ran a feature as part of their inspiration series. It was mostly about my street photography. The next one was with Fujifilm Australia as part of their Through a Photographer’s Eye series and was more about my experience of using Fujifilm gear. It was a real honour to get featured and definitely a big motivation to work hard.

It is a good start and I hope to continue the momentum.

More later. TC.



Best laid plans sometimes require a change in direction

When I started this blog sometime last year, it was an experiment. I just wanted to start and see how it goes.

Then about a month back, I thought I should put some structure to the blog and made some plans. A schedule, a basic structure, and also wrote a few post for future. But one thing I forgot that sometimes even the best-laid plans go south.

The thing is when I started to focus on my photography, I knew where I wanted to take it. And I had made some plans, and things were heading towards it. But as with life, sometimes the unexpected happens, and you need to adjust. And that exactly what happened with me. Continue reading “Best laid plans sometimes require a change in direction”

One Shot Volume 1 – a street photography slideshow

I always wanted to create a slideshow of my images but never put an effort to create an actual one. Since now I am focusing more on creating content, I finally created one.

I have been always inspired by movies. And one thing I do while walking on the streets is to look for people, scenes or gestures which seem to be straight out of a movie scene. I always want my images to look like a screen grab from a movie. And I am particularly drawn to things which have an element of drama or mystery to it. Continue reading “One Shot Volume 1 – a street photography slideshow”