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We live in the era of Fiction Capitalism a term coined by Vicente Verdú, a Spanish writer, journalist and economist. Joan Fontcuberta in his book Pandora’s Camera best describes this era. To paraphrase him, essentially we live in a time when we’ve moved from marketing of physical objects to marketing of fictions, illusions, and most of all images. It is the time when images make up the foundation of our existence.

And at heart of that image (the general impression that a person, organisation, or product presents to the public) building is an image (the photograph). Since everyone is creating a ‘curated’ view of their image using images, needless to say, the later itself is getting more fictional.

This is where it gets confusing for me. And this post is about that confusion – should I go for this or that.

You see, I am a believer in the strong link between photography and memory. I believe that any photograph I make is not only an extension of my own memory but also feeds into any future memory I am yet to develop. This obviously forces me to think what kind of memory I am trying to create.

The ‘curated’ one which I know is at the best an ‘alternative fact’. Or the one which may not fit in today’s narrative but in future when I look back I will be more comfortable with.

Of course, there is no easy answer. Hopefully, I will get one soon.

Till then…



More later, TC

2 thoughts on “This or that”

  1. Someone once asked me if you could photograph a rainbow….because they knew when you tried to get to where the rainbow appeared to be, it won’t be there. I answered that if you can see it, you can photograph it.
    We take or make photos of moments and they will be a record of that moment; who was there, where we were etc. What may not be visible are the emotions present in the subjects and the maker of the image…..and after time passes those feelings may change. How to make a physical record of a metaphysical or existential process.

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