Updates – Ongoing Exhibitions and a few Interviews

So it is the update time.

Past few weeks has been hectic yet rewarding. A few things happened:

1. First is definitely the big and successful opening night of SITHOM exhibition. This is the annual photography festival organised by AASPI (Australian Association of Street Photography Incorporated). The primary theme is to celebrate the art of street photography. Though this is not my first exhibition, but definitely the most hands-on I have ever been with any. It was a great learning curve.

2. I was also fortunate to be featured by two blogs. The Phoblographer ran a feature as part of their inspiration series. It was mostly about my street photography. The next one was with Fujifilm Australia as part of their Through a Photographer’s Eye series and was more about my experience of using Fujifilm gear. It was a real honour to get featured and definitely a big motivation to work hard.

It is a good start and I hope to continue the momentum.

More later. TC.



Meet a photographer – Roger Hyland, Melbourne, Australia

All images by Roger Hyland. Used with permission.

Meet A Photographer is a series in which I try to learn more about photographers, whose work has made a positive impact on me.

Roger is a photographer in Melbourne, whose passion is to document street art. Melbourne is known for its street art. And there are many photographers who try to document. But what is special about Roger is his passion for the art form, its history and most important its future in our society.  

To me, his images showcase his passion. Instead of mere pointing the camera to interesting street art, I feel he uses photography to seek a deeper meaning and tries to question its existence among us. 

But let us figure it out from Roger himself.  Continue reading “Meet a photographer – Roger Hyland, Melbourne, Australia”