First Post

In 1990’s India, “Jhankar Beats” was a phenomenon. It was a curious little practice of adding rhythm tracks to famous Hindi OSTs, a method which sits somewhere between an honest cover and a wannabe remix. And one could buy these cheaply produced mix-tapes of “songs with jhankar beats” easily from any roadside traders.

Many especially the then neo-liberal Indian middle class and intellectual elites didn’t like it. For them, it was a tasteless and overtly commercial, almost desperate move. An insult to the masters who created the original.

But for the savvy commercial entrepreneur and the talented and hard-working artist, it was a hope. Hope to break free from the monopoly of established companies and already famous artists. It was there turn to seize the day.

Many tried, most failed, and a few made history.

In 2018’s photography world, social media is a phenomenon…

More, later. Take Care.