This or that

We live in the era of Fiction Capitalism a term coined by Vicente Verdú, a Spanish writer, journalist and economist. Joan Fontcuberta in his book Pandora’s Camera best describes this era. To paraphrase him, essentially we live in a time when we’ve moved from marketing of physical objects to marketing of fictions, illusions, and most of all images. It is the time when images make up the foundation of our existence.

And at heart of that image (the general impression that a person, organisation, or product presents to the public) building is an image (the photograph). Since everyone is creating a ‘curated’ view of their image using images, needless to say, the later itself is getting more fictional.

This is where it gets confusing for me. And this post is about that confusion – should I go for this or that.

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Turning 40

September is the month when I complete my annual trip around the Sun. This year marks the completion of 40th such trips. Holy kaw. 40. Gone. Just like that. Poof. It is a bit unnerving when I really think about it. Especially the realisation that I may have already used up half of my lifetime’s quota of such trips. Well, that’s pretty much it is.

And I am not kidding. 3 years back I went to a doctor and told my problems. And he was all about fixing it. This year, I went to see a doctor and she said something which can be best summarised as “Oh, you turning 40.” Those looks in her eyes. Let’s say it made me search for ‘average human life’ in Google. And well…

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